Thursday, May 3, 2007

fEW oF mY OwNNnn punCh diALogUeS!!!

pREpARe fOR tHE woRSt... wHiLe U hOPe fOR tHE beST!!!

iT Is fINe tO pLAn fOR tHE Long rUn... bUT 'hOW' LoNG nEEds tO bE conTEMpLateD... rEMEmBEr tHAt: iN tHE LonG rUN "wE'Re aLL dEAd"!!!

nO doUBt, pROceSS, hARdWorK, siCErety, etC. aRE aLL esSenTIAL... bUT unLikE 'lUCk', tHEir gRApHs wITH sUCCeSS iS a 1/2 paRAboLA aND nOT a strAIGHt LiNE!!!

hATreD iS aS muCH a nOBLe fEELiNG aS LoVE... bUT tHAtS onLY aS lONG aS It STaYs aS fEeLIng (nOT acTIoN)!!!

nOT aN eNGlIsH tUItIOn bUT aN iNDIcaToR fOR seNsUAL appROAcH --->
    1. hOpe: pOsiTive... nambikkai {thamizh}
    2. wISh: nEUtRAL... aasai {thamizh}
    3. WaNT: bOSSy... thevai / vendudhal {thamizh}
    4. EXpeCt: nEGAtIve... cOS, iT iS ofTeN fOLLoWed bY dejECtiOn... edhirpaarppu {thamizh}
    5. pRAy: hOpe + wISh... vendudhal {thamizh}
    1. WAnT: deSiRE
    2. nEEd: neCEssiTy
    3. PReFEr: cHOiCE