Thursday, March 27, 2008

2 thoughts...

Identity is the source of most issues... may or may not be in entirety!

Without investigating if its right / wrong (cos I dont believe in such classification!), I am able to decipher that its the WRATH OF LOSERS which rolls up into problems. This wrath may be reasonable, unreasonable, justified, etc, etc.... But, irrespective of everything, it is in the best interest of the game / competition (even life can be the GAME here!) that the design n rules of the game is evolved (not framed!) to address this wrath! Also, it is essential that winners do not embrace ANY IDENTITY OTHER than "Winners"

I have tried to define "Racism" on a generic note, beyond the scope of race. Any view of judgement of a person (or even a thing) about a quality based on criteria not related to that quality is racism!
Eg.s: It is NOT racist to object marrying a gay but it IS RACIST to object working with a gay @ office! Why? cos sexual orientation is IRRELEVANT to the tasks U carry out @ Ur office unless, U work @ a strip club or smilar...