Thursday, October 11, 2007

ONE Hundred days to go... 1 Hundred things to do!

I have many times (not always) wondered (not questioned) why (not how) the number 100 (not 50) is so special.... 100 days @ Box-office, 100 runs partnership in cricket, 100 years of running a firm, 100/100 in Maths test, 100 chocolates to give away on birthday, 100% sure, 100 Rs note, 100 times better than before, H----U---N--D-RED!
To dull this blog, lemme LOGICEXPLAIN why 100 has become significant among humans...

{we have 10 fingers and therefore we picked the number system with base 10. Therefore, the decimal system is easier to follow. Hence, the proof!}ok, watvr...

Not just among accomplishments, but 100 is also picked for countdowns! Yes, 100 days to the World Cup, 100 days to the Annual Exam, etc. U know whats up for me in 100 days? I am buying a new dress for myself! Yes, a brand new dress and probably brand new innerwears too! Not just that... I am going to exhibit my new dress to the world! So, I have planned to invite as many ppl as I know to come and watch me style-show-off in my new outfit! In fact, I have rented out a party hall to accomodate the viewers who are expected to oblige to my invitation of my fashion-show! Oh yeah, am also clubbing my wedding on the same day to add spice to my attire-display day, haha!



In the next 100 days, I have to ...

  1. Follow the countdown to my d-day 
  2. Ensure I dont miss out to invite anyone whom I know 
  3. Enjoy my bachelorhood 
  4. Enjoy my love-phase of life with my gal cos we have only 100 more days to pay huge tele-bills 
  5. Tone-down n brighten-up so that lesser skills of graphics shall be required when my d-day snaps are developed
  6. Manage, shuffle, discuss, oppose, counter, opt, execute, etc of the various viewpoints and ideas of 'how' the fashion-show should be conducted
  7. Pose to plan about married life
  8. Emote to have grown matured by the fear of marriage
  9. Prepare to false-acknowledge each of whom would greet me on d-day
  10. Practice to hold onto that 'perfect' fotografik-giggle between "innum konjam siringa sur" and "pallu theriyudhu saar"
  11. Control temptation to not ask for the 2nd laddoo or 3rd ice-cream when hogging after tying the nuptial knot
  12. Choose between Vaazhakkai bajji and Onion Pakkoda as menu for evening snack-smack
  13. Push to avoid plastics @ the wedding project execution 
  14. Roam around Chennai with my darling to celebrate this thrilling event we have worked towards successfully 
  15. Discuss endlessly with my fiancee about "what", "how", "why", where", "when", "if", "whether", etc on those 'important' issues which we have never cared about
  16. Plan to plan to plan the plan to plan 'plan' of planning to plan the plans of plan to plan
  17. Dot down the list of lists which list the list that need to be listed to list all the lists of lists in the list
  18. Learn the art of 'listening'
  19. Learn the art of 'giving importance' to those due 
  20. Learn the art of 'identifying' those that are due important 
  21. Learn the art of 'showing', 'displaying', 'expressing', 'exhibiting', 'portraying' care, love n affection 
  22. Educate myself strongly that no longer can I escape from the mistakes of forgetting to wish, smile, enquire, explain, narrate 
  23. Understand that emotions are as much meaningful as senses 
  24. Smile everytime I am asked about my marriage 
  25. Blush everytime I am asked if its a love marriage 
  26. Be proud everytime I am asked if its an inter-caste marriage 
  27. Explain everytime about the internet-affair when ppl ask "how did it happen?" 
  28. Ascertain everytime that "it just happened that way" when ppl show a sign of surprise about it 
  29. Boast everytime "yes we are in love for 5 short years and still madly in love" when ppl put a note of doubt about cyber-born-relationships 
  30. Ooze enormous confidence everytime ppl stumble to wish good luck 
  31. Get used to bathing daily 
  32. Acquire the seventh sense called "dressing sense" 
  33. Get certification in the eighth sense called "color sense" 
  34. Lessen my 0th sense called "non-stop nonsense" about Cricket, Jackie Chan, Rajinikanth, Politics, Pschycology, Mind, Animal, etc 
  35. Pressurise a couple of closest friend to make it to my marriage who are in amaaaaaaaaaerika 
  36. Convince my gal that I wear a freaky jean and have a jerky haircut for the pre-events 
  37. Zero-in on the hairstyle for my 'grown-up' 12 n 7 years old nephews 
  38. Decide on the outfits for them 
  39. Get my house white-washed, painted, cleaned so that atleast the house gives a "palitch" appearance to visitors 
  40. Exercise arm-raises daily so that it is easy on the d-day when greeting ppl taking the dias for a capture-moment click 
  41. Sleep without fan often to get used to sweat and still smile continously on the d-day 
  42. Jack the technique of tying the vaeshti 
  43. Master the technique of keeping it stuck to the slipppery hip 
  44. Be aware of how to walk with the vaeshti still 'luckily' holding onto the hip 
  45. Grow resistance to homam smoke to avoid the sinusitis-sneezes which 'could' be counted as ill-luck 
  46. Sit with my gal to design our own invite-card 
  47. Stand with my gal against any issues that may creep in 
  48. Speak with my gal about the endless memories we have 
  49. Run with my gal around the city giving away invites to commonly-known ppl
  50. Hope along with my gal, that everything goes off smoothly 
  51. Wish along with my gal for a ever-smile life 
  52. Dream along with my gal for a no-sorrow life
  53. Drink with my gal all the sweet juices of wishes
  54. Sing with my gal the same notes of happy tones of excitement
  55. Dance with my gal to the tunes of our parents 'no-explanations' advices
  56. Pose with my gal for a few snaps which we may opt to record 
  57. Argue with my gal on big issues 
  58. Fight with my gal on trivial issues 
  59. Pray along with my gal to God that we be blessed to understand each other ever more 
  60. Thank along with my gal to Almighty for what we are today and what we are going to be tomorrow, the day-after tomorrow, 2 days-after tomorrow, 3 days-after tomorrow, 4 days-after tomorrow, 5-days-after tomorrow, 1 week later, 8 days later, ....
  61. Pinch myself if all that is happening is TRUE
  62. Protect myself from the risk of becoming complaceant 
  63. Prevent myself from the foolishness of acting overcautious 
  64. Push myself to keep an eye on every detail 
  65. Alert myself to not miss the bigger picture 
  66. Fool my friends on their request for a treat, hooohooo 
  67. Escape my sis-in-law's demand for a treat, hehe 
  68. Surprise my sis-in-law with a bigger treat when she least expects it 
  69. Narrate to my friends about the surprise treat and make their stomachs burn even more 
  70. Control my mom from over-straining herself 
  71. Convince her that I am controlling her not just for her health but also for the whole family's welfare 
  72. Not get disappointed if she falls ill after all my useless controlling tactics 
  73. Not get frustrated if she doesnt inform me about her illness for some illogical reason of "U dont worry" 
  74. Not get angry if she doesnt tone down her activities even after falling sick 
  75. Convince my dad that his edless ideas for "how to..." neednt be the best right everytime 
  76. Convey to my dad that he has already committed the big mistake(?) of providing enough freedom to me so much that I am in no mood to nod without questioning 
  77. Sympathise with my dad when he isnt able to decide for me, especially on this event 
  78. Admire him for having moulded to a mindset that I wont listen to him 
  79. Find ways to kill time to wrap up these 100 days 
  80. Write stupid blogs like this to relish my mind 
  81. Imagine as if I am a creative poet and write poems like those utterred by Mirchi Siva in 'Chennai 600028' 
  82. Dream that am an excellent blogger and draft blogs like these 
  83. Get thrilled and keep telling myself that am not nervous 
  84. Be enthusiastic and keep reminding myself that its ok to be optimistic 
  85. Not get overhyped and at the same time not irritate my would-be by being dull (enthu levels differ b/n us, hehe) 
  86. Hold my nerve, mind, heart in their places 
  87. Be patient and not be frustrated by the fact that every day has to pass only after 24 hours of 60 minutes encompassing 60 LONG seconds
  88. Be happy for my gal being happy
  89. Ease my parents that things are unfurling at the right pace
  90. Involve my sweet sis in the most happy moment of my life, until now
  91. Relish the momemntum building up for the big event
  92. Enjoy the wishes from all quarters 
  93. Celebrate the air of festive moods in the house 
  94. Soak in the sweet moments of laughter everywhere in the house 
  95. Beat the wet dog in going mad over the event 
  96. Love my gal all the more 
  97. Care my gal all the more
  98. Shower affection on my gal all the more 
  99. Parent my gal all the more 
  100. Live every moment with my gal as if theres no moment anymore....

Am not sure how good this blog-post is... but am proud enough to let you know that I wrote it with the sweeeetest memories of moments I had/have with my gal (click to know about her)!