Monday, April 30, 2007

"giFTed" FOr liFE

i hAD THiS gIFt frOm a vERy cLoSE frIEnD of mInE, aLMoST 5 yRS agO... aCTuaLLy a liTTlE beFoRE thAT! tHE iNTErEsTinG asPEcT of iT iS thaT mY friEnD gOt mE 2 knOw abT thIs giFt bUT nevEr "giFTed" iT tO mE unTiL I aSKeD fOr it! yA, tHE giFT beLONgEd tO mY friEnD! bUt THeN, I nOW reaLiSe tHaT iT wAS paRT oF my fRiEnD's pLan :-).

iT sOOthEd mE moRE thAn muSiC! slOwLY, iT minGleD wiTH mY lIfe and sTEadiLY becAmE a paRt oF mY liFE! unTiL thEn, i aLWaYS thOUghT GulaB JamoON iS thE swEEtEsT iN thE woRLd!

eARlY thIS yeAR, i offiCIaLLy deCLArED abT mE owNInG thIS giFT aND stARtIng eARLy nEXT yEAr, I wOUlD bE lEgALlY enJOyINg thIS gIFT (my fiancee - Shubha), giFTed bY mY friENd (GOD)


ss said...

am sooooooooo touched!


sudha said...

hey really nice post !!