Monday, July 30, 2007

the dog medicine...

most of us would have heard this story... but lemme spell-phrase again as otherwise my blog would look small :-) A guy (why not a gal?) is pretty frustrated about life. He cribs more than ever and the more he cribs, the worse he feels. He approaches a mental Dr (like an eye dr): sage. He complains how everything and everyone in his life are so bad and that his worth of living isnt > 0. The sage tries to chill down the guy "Dude, kewl it man! Every dog has its day...", etc but in vain. Then, he tries his 'phiolosophy' mode "Life is like banana; it is upto you to eat the skin or the pulp! Mind is like a apple; you can consume it either as it or you can make juice and drink it! People are like umbrellas; they can shelter you from both sun and rain! ...", etc and all it did to our HERO is yawwwwwwnnnn...

So, then the sage used his wits to 'satisfy' our Hero's ego "Take this holy water. This is the right medicine for your illness of distress; but dont forget to NOT think about dogs when you consume it". Our hero was now pretty confident that he is going to live better. Most times, its not the solution that matters but the packaging which sells, haha! And then, he started the medicine course but failed miserably... he had to fail and that was the sage's solution? might it be? everytime, he prepared to consume the medicine, he remembered to forget dogs... ya, he remembered but missed to realise that he has remembered dogs in course of remembering to forget dogs... He could never succeed!

This is the familiar story which everybody must be knowing already! Ok, I have a solution for our hero to 'successfully' follow the medicine course! So, am continuing this story with an extended ending of my own.... Dont look for any morals. Just a bit of quirky thinking, thats it!
So, the guy goes back to the sage and vents his frustration of not being able to follow the course as prescribed. Now, the sage answers "Ok; Looks like that the medicine is too heavy dose for your mental conditions. So, here... Take this holy water. This is the right medicine for your illness of distress; but dont forget to think about cows when you consume it". It worked... in the sense, our Hero was able to follow the course 'successfully'... everytime he remembered to think of the cow and slowly... unconsciously, never missed to 'not remember' the dog!

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I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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