Thursday, July 26, 2007

freeya kedatchaa pheneola kooda...

returned frm US. need a mobile in Chn, India. take a prepaid SIm frm my gal... slash it for temporary usage! research (summa reason for time consumed...) for the best connection, n then I have taken a Coporate SCT connection from TelAir {Hehe, names have been reversed to maintain anonymity, integrity and scalability}

the connection has a bits-n-pieces of offers to bundle! these days, almost everything in life is "bundling wat u want". n I got this unlimited loc n nat SMS for 75 Rs/month.... otherwise, loc sms = 1 n nat sms = 2... so, my calculation is that I need to send at the least 45 loc sms and 15 nat sms.. then, I felt that I may nto have sent 15 nat so, I tried achieving 75 sms! then, I felt sms shud be charged onlee 50 ps. n went for a target of 150. I then realised that the prepaid connection had 100 free sms daily for Re1. wtf! so, I shud make at least 250 sms daily.... am trying hard.... and am somewhat achioeving it!

the moral is that I want the palammozhi (not pazhamozhi; pala paeru sonnadhaala pala mozhi) to be changed from "freeyaa kodutha pheneola kooda kudippaan" to "malivaa kodutha ... "

ok, do me a favor now: leave Ur mobile no so I cud achieve my SMS targets every month :-)


ss said...

but ippo 2-3 daysaa sms anupparathey illiye?

sudha said...

hey athaan un sms thollai thangalayae...keep up the gud work of sendin it all..anna konja nala un sms varalaiyae yeannaiyaaa ??;-))