Monday, July 30, 2007

formal notice to enforce formals....

2day was jus one another of those killing Mondays! I hate Mondays, Fridays, and those days which come n go between those 2 days, hmm... With an ever-usual 'pick-the-topmost-outfit-in-the-shelf' pratice, I wore this 1/2 slack green shirt with minute greenish yellow checks all over. And ho hum, my pant was coincidentally matching (not in terms of look but by color): it was a greyish whitish greenish some-colorish, whatver! I managed to drag I (somewhere I read that there is no word 'myself' in inglipees) to the bus-stop on this rainy day... I was just wondering why I need to tuck in my shirt and wear formal (leather-based?) shoes on a rainy day... I swayed away from these thoughts when Avasara Kozhi 008 (Hello FM 8 AM) Shanmugapriya kicked off her bloh bloh blohs as always with a Thirukkural....

The bus reached office after some delays to the '''wonderful''' (sarcasm, or rather bluntness intended!!!) roads that have some of the best IT offices of Asia or even the world! As I debus (like deplane, detrain), I notice the dirty shoes of most guys... and am proud that I am right in never polishing my shoes :-) The daily routine started as usual... with the official work... the basics... checking mails! Starting off with yahoo (3 mailboxes), hotmail (2 mailboxes), mail, etc and doing a round of what the world was yesterday and would be today on msn, rediff, sify, google, etc and then some random spotting of wikipedia on political history notes and then managing to read carefully every word of articles on cricinfo especially cos India has a strong hold of the Test match in England.... ya ya and then I did logon to my official mailbox, just to ensure that it doesnt get full leading to bouncing of mails which would make it obvious to senders that I dont care a damn to their mails, haha!

Ok, I have finally arrived to the subject:-)I see this mail from our HR as about attire guidelines!!! I wanted to laugh out loud but feared being tagged / spotted as a "hehe". The guidleines points the must to wear full sleeves formal shirts which need to be either solids, pin stripes or checks. Arent all shirts solids? Ive never had the opportunity to see a liquid or gaseous shirt! Whatever... The footwear is 'formal shoes and socks'. I am really interested to know how they would spot the absence of sock(s); also, why worry about sock (inner wear?) when shoes are present when there was no mention about the corresponding of a shirt / pant! Whatsoever! Thats about for Mon-Thu for men. Hmm, so there is no mention about a watch, Thank whichever God you believe in... For fridays, there is a relax (as they consider 'cAsUaL'): collar neck t-shirts, corduary pants, jeans and some variety of shoes too... My question is about the need for collared t-shirts? What is about collar t-shirts? and a peep into the next column (for ladies while I fall under the 'gentlemen', eheh) I do find "collar/round neck t-shirts" ahhaaaa!! again, whatever!

And then, there is a next section which lists "NO-NO" items which comrpises of words like 'flamboyant', 'jingle', 'Extreme fashion', 'see-through clothing', 'low necklines', 'worn, torn, wrinkled', 'Extreme hairstyles', etc. Ukkaandhu yosippaangalo? A couple more which deserve exclusive dissection are 'No visible body piercing other than pierced ears or nose'... so, one can have umpteen piercings on the ear but even the smallest spot on the lip or eyebrow is banned! and about the nose, would it be fine to hang the piercing of the septum? and am very much amused by the mention of the word 'visible'! ok, wherever whatever! And then there was this point 'offensive tattoos are required to keep them covered'... whatever that means? all permanent tattoos are offensive cos they cause so much pain to be drawn out on the body skin. In a very flat wide world, I am just waiting for the day when a HR would run into someone having a tattoo which says "Peace War or Oil Terrorists?"

That was followed by a section which very very very generically speaks about wow wow wow bow bow bow aspects like 'personal hygiene', skirt length, etc. Good there was no mention about the oz of body spray mandated to be used in the absence of the morning shower! whatver! A mention about how violators would be prosecuted completed the 'guideline' document and like most '* Conditions Apply' ads, there was this smaller-font-bold disclaimer that the document was not a policy but just an indicator!!! whatever that means now!

somehow, this document has made me yawn (not that i would have been brisk otherwise) and sigh as always "what(ever) a crap!

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Siva VG said...

suber machi! What about shoe lace! buttons! Zips! I have button in my pants! More than one button in my shirt! I have inner hidden pocket, is that allowed? And if my shirt gets torn and I stitch it is that allowed? What about the coffee and food stains on my shirt and pants? Is HR recommending TIDE/SURF or RIN?! Some of the undies have thick elastic or no elastic is that allowed? I some times don't shave properly and there is some spot left unshaved with some hair showing is that fine?! And when I sweat My shirt becomes wet in odd places creating a pattern almost like embroidery is that fine?!